Secure, Reliable Protection

ROMAR has traditionally been a distributor of secure computer software applications. In 2013 we added the nightlight to our product list.

The nightlight – a solar powered candle which has been designed in South Africa primarily for use in rural areas and informal settlements to give light to those who need it. On closer investigation we believe that the nightlight’s potential use is not limited to rural areas.

Security Products

The focus of our applications is to assist in the secure management of both personal and corporate data in all of its formats.

Our relationship with SentryBay helps us to achieve this. Innovative, pro-active solutions are needed to address ever changing dangers posed by Spyware, Trojans and Phishing. SentryBay have developed a suite of ultra-secure yet user-friendly solutions that prevent electronic identity theft and corporate data theft in real time. SentryBay’s solutions are proactive, simple to deploy and largely invisible to the end user. SentryBay’s ant-phishing and anti-key logging technologies are more advanced than any other in the market – offering unparalleled security, simply and invisibly.

The nightlight provides light without flame.

Mangofile makes saving an intuitive process for everyday documents


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