Key Logging – How does this effect internet users

Key Logging is commonly acknowledged as one of the greatest threats to PC and internet security.  

Keylogging entails the capture of sensitive data entry such as passwords, credit card/bank account numbers, social security numbers, personal details, transaction details.

Rather than attempting to identify key logging spyware, there is a solution that uses a variety of techniques that thwart keyloggers from harvesting data entries. Identifying key logging spyware is notoriously ineffective – the latest studies show that even the very best performing anti-spyware solutions identify and prevent less than 50% of new spyware in the wild. This approach protects sensitive data entry regardless of what malware infects the user’s system.

This solution does not stop keyloggers from operating (a virtually impossible task); rather it ensures that any data collected is fake. Keyloggers receive either no data or random data that replaces the actual data entered, depending upon their method employed. The real data is encrypted and securely stored, and (for web-based applications) only decrypted once safely transmitted to the web server.