The Answer – Protect the Data!

To work alongside anti-virus, users now need a solution that fully protects a user’s personal information when browsing the web.

The Personal Data Protection Suite:

  •  protects every keystroke you type (passwords, credit cards, identity information)
  •  prevents malware taking pictures of your data and stealing it that way
  •  prevents you from being lured to a fake (phishing) site which steals your data

Scrambler shows every keystroke you type being protected and user gets monthly report  showing what data has been protected

Independently Verified by West Coast Labs

SentryBay’s technology has been independently appraised by the world’s leading lab to show it is the most effective at protecting against spyware and phishing attacks.

“SentryBay have demonstrated that they have innovative and effective solutions to combat the problems of online identity and data theft.” West Coast Labs, May 2009