Phishing – what does this mean?

Phishing! Do you know what Phishing is? Have you heard this term before?  Do you know how a “Phishing Attack” can affect you?

Phishing is commonly acknowledged as one of the greatest threats to PC and Internet security.

Phishing is an attempt to fraudulently obtain sensitive data such as login details, credit card details etc. by masquerading as a trusted entity. Typically, the phisher  entices the victim via email to enter their details at a malicious web site. The malicious web site masquerades as a legitimate known site.

One form of protecting against a Phishing Attack is to install PhishLock. The basic premise behind the success of PhishLock is that although humans find it difficult and almost impossible to identify a malicious phishing site, software is able to make extremely accurate identifications simply and quickly. This is particularly the case for PhishLock as it is focused on protecting a specific website and its users. When PhishLock identifies a phishing site, it automatically prevents the user from submitting data. In addition, the software also notifies the organization of the existence of the phishing site so that steps to close it down can commence immediately.