Olympic’s 2012 – What Do We Do Now?

What an amazing year this has been especially for anyone who has been fortunate enough to have witnessed the coverage of the 2012 Olympics. For those of us who live in London it has been even more special. I know people who intentionally went away during the Olympics and did they miss out. They will in all probability never have the opportunity to experience anything like this again.

I was fortunate enough to be living in Cape Town when South Africa hosted the World Cup Rugby in 1995 and managed to get tickets for all the games played in Cape Town including the opening game between South Africa and Australia at Newlands Rugby Stadium (Cape Town). This was a great game to open the tournament as it set the momentum for future games. What helped to make the World Cup such a huge success (especially for South African supporters) was that South Africa went on to win final against New Zealand at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

The London Olympics created compelling viewing and watching the British athletes excel and win so many medals in both the normal and the Paralympics garnered great support both locally and internationally. Not only were the British performances outstanding (as seen by the number of medals won) but so was the attitude that the athletes displayed both on and off the sports fields The coverage was equally fantastic. The question now is how does Britain maintain the momentum and best use this success in the future.

The celebrations in South Africa in 1995 were equally inspiring especially when President Nelson Mandela wearing a Springbok jersey with the number 6 on the back handed the Web Ellis Trophy to Francois Pienaar the South African Rugby Captain. The whole country celebrated but unfortunately the new found unity did not last long.

I do not propose to have the answers but do hope that the people entrusted with the future development of sport in the UK are able to build on this momentum. There certainly appears to be a new found desire from the British people to get more involved in playing sport at what ever level .