• Pocket Mangofile is there to suit many situations; everyone has their own reason to why they pick this solution. Something common to all will be down to how simple the device is to use. There’s no software to install, plug it in and start using Mangofile. Login with your username and password, both customisable, and off you go. Start scanning with an attached scanner or drop-and-drag files from your PC into Mangofile, either index your documents away or do it later. Once you have finished simply eject the device, and it’ll be as you left it when you take it to another PC. No foot print is left behind on the PC, so no evidence of that document will exist.
  • Devised for a single user, Personal Plus is just that, it’s your own unique ‘personal’ filing, installed on your home PC. >p> Designed for the home user that has some serious paper / documents to manage, a comprehensive overall solution rich in features and functionality; Personal Plus allows you to use and grow the software in a way that suits you.

Mangofile Business Levels

We don’t only supply SOHO users, the product Mangofile comes from a leading generation of Document Management for Business. Mangofile began in the large business industry, which we still deal with today. So if you are after a Business Solution, perhaps you need to license 20 – 200 users, then take a look here for the 3 levels that we provide. Each level can be configurable to your individual needs. Product Details The three default levels are listed below, each slightly different. The easiest way to view the variations of each level would be to take a look level would be to take a look at look at our comparison matrix, a link can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Mangofile Small Business (5 Named User License)
  • Mangofile Business (Concurrent Users License)
  • Mangofile Business Infinity (Concurrent Users License)

Managing documents and information can be expensive not to mention time consuming; where do you file the document, how do you mation and as find the information find the information and more importantly how can you give others access to it when and where they need it?

Mangofile comparison matrix