nightlight – Solar Candle

The Solar Candle was specifically designed to replace the standard paraffin-wax candle and it gains its energy from the sun. This makes it solar powered and its light output is measured in candle numbers. In fact, the light it produces is equivalent to that of 5 candles!



Enterprise Solutions

SentryBay provides leading-edge banking and enterprise solutions, plus technology that enhances existing enterprise applications.View SentryBay video 

 Data Protection Suite (DPS):

On-line fraud protection for financial institutions
Primarily designed for on-line banking and e-commerce users, the Data Protection Suite allows you to protect any transaction conducted via the web

Armored Browser:

High security application for corporate and retail on-line banking
The Armored Browser is the premier browser-based solution designed for corporate and retail banking. It was designed for maximum security – but also provides a speed and ease of use others have struggled to achieve.

The application itself can be branded to the institution including dedicated tabs for the desired banking services.

EntryProtect Anti-Key Logging

Patented anti-keylogging technology for OEM partners
EntryProtect is the world’s leading anti-key logging technology.It is specifically designed to be integrated with third party software applications to make them “keylogger-proof”. It can be embedded into PC-based, smart-card based or flash-disk based applications and the technology is patent-protected to SentryBay.

PhishLock Anti-Phishing

Cloud-based proactive anti-phishing engine for OEM partners
PhishLock was developed in response to the ever-increasing speed at which phishing attacks can be launched. By training on specific websites and “fingerprinting” these sites using SentryBay’s unique algorithms, the PhishLock technology can automatically prevent a user from navigating to a phishing site – from the second the attack is launched.

Consumer Solutions

SentryBay solutions address the core problem of identity theft, data theft and on-line fraud for end users.

Data Protection Suite (DPS)

:Real-time identity and data protection for users browsing the web
The Data Protection Suite comprises SentryBay’s market-leading EntryProtect and PhishLock solutions which protect all browsing conducted by a user. These solutions neutralise the two greatest threats to a user’s digital identity– spyware and phishing attacks.

Data Monitoring Service (DMS):

Monitoring and alerts for all sensitive personal and financial data
The Data Monitoring Service continually scours the web for all the information a user cares about – financial information like credit cards/bank accounts, personal information like passport details/SSN/NI numbers and contact information like emails/phone numbers. The techniques the DMS uses to identify, analyse and filter this data are unparalleled – meaning the service provides a true reflection of a user’s digital identity.

Mobile Security Suite:

Secure browsing, content filtering, remote lock/wipe etc. for mobiles/tablets
The threats on mobile are growing rapidly. Rather than attempt to adapt PC solutions to mobile (like many anti-virus companies), SentryBay have analysed the threat areas that have emerged and developed solutions that meet the needs of mobile and tablet users.


Secure, encrypted storage/access of data and files for PC’s, mobiles and tablets
The E-Vault is an ultra-secure set of applications across all devices that provide secure local and cloud-based storage of important documents, files, records and information. This can include all your important personal information like passport and driving license details, insurance and ownership documents as well as user names/passwords for all a user’s important web services.


Mangofile is a comprehensive electronic filing and document management system that uses an easy-to-understand cabinet metaphor to help you to organise your document images. Mangofile contains everything you need to scan your original documents, store, retrieve and print them.

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