Revised for a single user, Personal Plus is just that, it’s your own unique ‘personal’ filing, installed on your home PC.  Designed for the home user that has some serious paper / documents to manage, a comprehensive overall solution rich in features and functionality; Personal Plus allows you to use and grow the software in a way that suits you.

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This is the first in a series of network able product offerings; designed with the small business or the home office worker but with a need for more than one user to have access to documents / information.

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Mangofile Business

Three flavours in our Business range, we don’t only supply SOHO users, the product Mangofile comes from a leading generation of Document management for Business.
Mangofile began in the large business industry, which we still deal with today. So if you are after a Business Solution, perhaps you need to license 20 – 200 users, then take a look here for the 3 levels that we provide. Each level can be configurable to your individual needs.

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Add-on’s as we like to refer to them as, can not only enhance your experience of Mangofile but can speed up the efficiency of indexing in most cases. Here is a quick run down of the optional modules we currently have to offer.

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Further information, including a demo of the Mangofile Product Suite contact