SentryBay Consumer Products

Consumer Products

SentryBay solutions address the core problem of identity theft, data theft and on-line fraud for end users.

Data Protection Suite (DPS):

Real-time identity and data protection for users browsing the web
The Data Protection Suite comprises SentryBay’s market-leading EntryProtect and PhishLock solutions which protect all browsing conducted by a user. These solutions neutralise the two greatest threats to a user’s digital identity– spyware and phishing attacks.

The need for the proactive protection provided by the DPS is highlighted by the fact that traditional anti-virus now has a detection rate of only 5% for new malware (source RSA security). The proactive technology utilised by SentryBay means there is no need to identify malware in order to protect against it – protecting the data at all times automatically negates the effectiveness of all malware and spyware.

The Data Protection Suite is not designed to replace anti-virus/anti-spyware but to supplement these solutions by providing proactive protection for all data entered into web pages. The unique nature of SentryBay’s solutions mean they can protect against brand new threats better than any other solution – counter-acting the weak points of conventional desktop security software which cannot detect most new spyware and phishing attacks.

Key Features

  • Prevents keystroke monitoring software at all levels of the Operating System
  • Prevents screen captures/videos being taken
  • Pro-actively prevents a user navigating to a scam phishing site
  • Does not need to identify malware in order to protect a user’s data
  • Independently assessed to outperform other programs in protecting data


  • Simple to use – no configuration required or change in user habits
  • Most effective solution to prevent identity theft and on-line fraud
  • Works with all other software security programs as an essential additional layer of protection
  • Unnoticeable impact on PC operations (unlike Anti-Virus)
  • Can be white labelled/branded and provides visual reminders of protection being provided (e.g. scrambler)

The Data Protection Suite can be downloaded and installed in less than a minute, providing the most comprehensive, real-time data protection for users of the web.

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“Adds a useful extra layer of protection to your PC’s security set-up, and it requires no configuration or tweaking”

Data Monitoring Service (DMS):

Monitoring and alerts for all sensitive personal and financial data
The Data Monitoring Service continually scours the web for all the information a user cares about – financial information like credit cards/bank accounts, personal information like passport details/SSN/NI numbers and contact information like emails/phone numbers. The techniques the DMS uses to identify, analyse and filter this data are unparalleled – meaning the service provides a true reflection of a user’s digital identity.

This information is displayed either on a live portal and/or via alerts sent by email or SMS. The information is presented in a way that allows a user to investigate the specific finding and gives them guidance on what action they can take to ignore – or eradicate – personal information.

The system is completely configurable – it can have user portals, agent portals, reports/alerts of any type, be integrated with other products/services/customer portals and can be white labelled if desired. This makes the system infinitely more flexible and tailored to the needs of any customer group.

The DMS outperforms competing systems in terms of hits, accuracy and flexibility.

Mobile Security Suite:

Secure browsing, content filtering, remote lock/wipe etc. for mobiles/tablets
The threats on mobile are growing rapidly. Rather than attempt to adapt PC solutions to mobile (like many anti-virus companies), SentryBay have analysed the threat areas that have emerged and developed solutions that meet the needs of mobile and tablet users.

The three major security threat vectors are:

  1. Phishing
  2. Loss of Device
  3. Intrusion to Device

Phishing is even more prevalent on mobile device and tablets than PC’s as it is more difficult for users to look carefully at the url or website to notice potential scams. It is also easier to get a malicious email onto a phone than trying to infiltrate the phone with malware. SentryBay’s PhishLock technology runs from the cloud to provide proactive protection against phishing scams.

Loss of Device results in loss of data, contacts and major inconvenience to a user. SentryBay provides lock and wipe services (via a user portal), data back-up and restore, and these services can be combined with additional solutions that offer warranty, insurance and replacement handsets. Other features are also available such as GPS tracking.

Intrusion to Device is a growing threat as cybercriminals are learning more ways to infiltrate a device or web pages. Content filtering and parental controls are offered (again controlled via a user portal), along with malware scanning. Other features are in development in this area.

SentryBay’s solutions are generally deployed via the relevant app stores and features can be tailored (and added) to meet the individual needs of a consumer group, including being white labelled. All apps are responsive and designed to operate across all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.


Secure, encrypted storage/access of data and files for PC’s, mobiles and tablets
The E-Vault is an ultra-secure set of applications across all devices that provide secure local and cloud-based storage of important documents, files, records and information. This can include all your important personal information like passport and driving license details, insurance and ownership documents as well as user names/passwords for all a user’s important web services.

The E-Vault gives you access to any document, from any device, from any location. It has the option for secure local storage on a PC – but also links to a cloud-based service where an individual’s files are encrypted so even though they are on the cloud – no-one can ever access or read them except the user.

The E-Vault can be tailored to different consumer groups including being white labelled.

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