Cybercrime comes in all shapes and forms.
So does SentryBay.
Long gone are the days of anti-virus as your primary defence against malware. The world has changed – and our principal SentryBay is leading the charge.

From a true Armored Browser – to security to and within the cloud – SentryBay has a mix of solutions that solve the issues even IT security companies face.

The key to securing on-line transactions is combating issues at the endpoint while adding relevant data analytic s – in real time. Plus we don’t just address on-line banking fraud – we address Card-Not-Present and ID-based fraud – in the same solution.

PC, Smartphone, Tablet, USB, Cloud – all pieces of the security landscape that must work in tandem.

Some of the largest financial institutions and internet companies use the SentryBay technology for a reason.

The nightlight – solar candle was specifically designed to replace the standard paraffin-wax candle and gains its energy from the sun. This makes it solar powered and its light output is measured in candle numbers.

The nightlight is a safe alternative to conventional lighting.

Mangofile is a comprehensive electronic filing and document management system that uses an easy-to-understand cabinet metaphor to help you to organise your document images. Mangofile contains everything you need to scan your original documents, store, retrieve and print them.

The key point to remember is that for any system even hard copies, the speed and efficiency for retrieving any document will be down to the way the document was stored/indexed in the first place. Mangofile makes saving an intuitive process for everyday documents.