Malware Targets Android Devices

The surge in Malware targeted at Android devices has surpassed the Google Operating Systems rise in market share, according to the findings of a new report from Total Defense, a Malware detection and anti-crime ware specialist. The “2011 Internet Security Threat Intelligence Report” reveals that in total, more than 25 times more Android Malware was identified in 2011 than in 2010.

The Total Defense research team suggested that major platform vendors can do more to improve mobile operating system security.

“This past year can be viewed as the year of Android Malware with more than 9,000 escalations, clearly illustrating the exponential growth of threats targeting this platform,” said Paul Lipman, CEO at Total Defense. “The rise of Android Malware opens up an interesting debate about security architecture and the merits of Open versus Closed Systems. While users have the ability to install and code from anywhere, the problem is that criminals see this as an advantage too.”

“The Malware landscape is changing at a rapid pace with cyber-criminals producing new Malware variants at a exponential rate,” said Lipman. “The proliferation of consumer digital devices for convenient internet access, coupled with our global socio economic climate, continues to serve up the perfect store for on-line criminal activity.

Cybercrime and the current security environment

The increasing sophistication of the cybercrime industry has had 2 key outcomes:

1. A 1000% increase in malware and phishing attacks over the past few years; and

2. The continued decrease in effectiveness of conventional desktop security to combat attacks.

“Over half of new active malware and phishing threats on the Internet go undetected by 12 of the leading desktop anti-virus providers, with an average detection rate of 37 percent for malware and 42 percent for phishing” Cyveillance, May 2009