What We Do


ROMAR commenced operations in 2005 with the aim of providing solutions that help with efficient and secure ways of protecting and saving data. A network or computer can never be guaranteed to be free from threats – now or in the future.

The very nature of the internet and the rise of cyber crime has created an inherently insecure browsing ecosystem where the “Bad Guys” often emerge victorious.

One of our suppliers SentryBay develop pro-active solutions that effectively thwart malware and secure on-line transactions, regardless of the integrity of the user’s computing environment. Over the last couple of years, SentryBay’s range of solutions have been migrated and adapted for mobile devices and the cloud, significantly extending the reach – and value – of its security.

The SentryBay software can be deployed as stand-alone solutions for companies or individuals (the same applies to Mangofile). Mangofile makes saving an intuitive process for everyday documents

ROMAR recently acquired the rights to add the nightlight – solar candle to our product range.

The nightlight provides light without flame.

ROMAR is head quartered in London with its South African offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.